New Products

At the forefront of lifting grids and barrier systems, we have developed two new products: two new innovative ready-to-go products to our range of bespoke installations.

GridBlocker Adjustable Pump Lifting Grid & GridBlocker Adjustable Barrier System

GridBlocker Pump Lifting Grid

GridBlocker Pump Lifting Grid

GridBlocker Barrier System

GridBlocker Barrier System – available soon

Most of the time REA create bespoke permanent installations to the customers exact specification.  However, we also understand that some requirements are of a more temporary nature. Therefore, REA Sites Services are proud to announce the introduction of three new innovative products.

Product Information (click to see pdf or video)

  • GridBlocker adjustable Pump Lifting Grid – Product Information Sheet / Videos
  • GridBlocker adjustable Barrier System – Available soon – Product Information Sheet / Videos
  • Look out for our unique Access Panel – Available soon

Protection at surface level

Normally when work has to be carried out underground or down a hole in the ground the opening at surface level is ‘protected’ by, at best, plastic barriers. Sometimes it might only be hazard warning tape encircling the hole. Although this may offer a visual warning it does very little to prevent accidents (potentially severe) from happening. A strong wind and your protection is gone!

There is increasing pressure on those involved in providing this maintenance and repair to ensure that the workforce involved is fully protected as is the general public who may happen by.

Work at Height Regulations 2005

This type of work is covered by the HSE’s Work at Height Regulations 2005. They put the onus directly on the Employers, Facility Managers and Building owners to unsure that those coming in to contact with such work are fully protected against the potential to fall and cause personal injury.

REA were approached by Yorkshire Water, who often must carry out such work, to come up with a solution to this problem. Although there are some products in the market place they were not felt to have the flexibility that was desperately needed. Please read our case study for the whole story.

Following these discussions REA designed and patented the GridBlocker Adjustable Pump lifting Grid and GridBlocker Adjustable Barrier System.

They both offer a simple but effective way of offering the level of protection that was needed but at the same time offering the flexibility that the workforce on site required. Other products on the market assume that all holes are the same size and offer a one size fits all approach.

REA’s solutions realise that not only are cavities different sizes (and shapes) but the ground around them also differ from site to site. A simple way around this was to manufacture a structure which was expandable and therefore adaptable to various environments.

Which should I use?

Which system to use is largely a matter of preference but also dependent on the task to be carried out. Each version is manufactured to a high level and uses lightweight but durable aluminium. A load test has been carried out on the pump lifting grid which shows that it can withstand at least 200kgs – more than adequate should someone fall on it.